July 8-12 | Tomahawk MX Summer Camp | Hedgesville, WV
July 8-12 | Tomahawk MX Summer Camp | Hedgesville, WV
July 8-12 | Tomahawk MX Summer Camp | Hedgesville, WV
July 8-12 | Tomahawk MX Summer Camp | Hedgesville, WV
July 8-12 | Tomahawk MX Summer Camp | Hedgesville, WV
July 8-12 | Tomahawk MX Summer Camp | Hedgesville, WV

July 8-12 | Tomahawk MX Summer Camp | Hedgesville, WV

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Join Aj Catanzaro and the entire Moto Academy team for 5 days of riding, training, events, and activities! For all ages and skill levels of riders, TMA Summer Camp will be the most fun you've ever had on your dirt bike and yet we guarantee it will the most productive week of riding and learning you've experienced!

You will start every day with a team building trail run and character building ice cold plunge with United States Marine, Mat Flood.

Then you will gear up and begin your highly focused skills work on the bike with Aj Catanzaro, head coach Mitchell Prescott, and our other guest instructors. You will spend 5 hours on the bike each day, ending the riding day with events, races, and other fun challenges to test what you have learned.

After riding you will enjoy dinner courtesy of Moto Academy and spend time with Aj reviewing & studying the professionally shot footage from the day. This is very commonly the time when riders, parents, and family can learn the most.

End the epic day with another team building activity/game, then wrap up each night by the bonfire with some s'mores, storytelling, and bench racing.

We promise an unforgettable experience learning everything from technique on the bike, fitness/nutrition, mechanical skills, life lessons, and build friendships that will last a lifetime.


✅ 5 Days Of Riding & Training

✅ Mental Skills Coaching

✅ Fitness Training

✅ Daily Video Analysis

Rider Report Card

✅ Limited Edition Camp T-Shirt

Questions? Email us at info@themotoacademy.com

Camp Schedule

Check out the schedule for the week and what you can exppect from your Moto Academy Summer Camp experience!

Moto Theory

Delve into the intricacies of Moto Theory, where riders gain valuable insights into technique, strategy, and safety protocols essential for success on the track. Put theory into practice with practice motos, providing ample opportunities to hone your riding skills under expert guidance and supervision.

Drills + Section Work

Refine your balance and control with Standup Drills, mastering the art of staying upright and in command of your bike. Dive into Section Work to navigate diverse track terrains and obstacles with precision and agility, preparing you for the challenges of any course.

Cornering + Jumping

From mastering tight turns with Corner Skills to soaring over jumps with Jump Skills, our camp covers all facets of motocross technique, ensuring you're well-equipped for whatever the track throws your way.

Film Study

But it's not all about the track—immerse yourself in the world of motocross with insightful Film Study sessions, where you'll dissect performances and learn from the best in the sport.


Beyond the track, embrace the thrill of the trail with invigorating Trail Runs, exploring Sunset Ridge MX's scenic surroundings, and cooling off with refreshing Cold Plunges, revitalizing your body and mind for the next ride.

Team Building

At The Moto Academy Summer Camp, we believe in not just refining individual riding skills but also building a strong sense of teamwork and camaraderie. Through collaborative activities, riders form lasting bonds and create a supportive community that extends beyond the track.


RV Hookups

Camp At Tomahawk MX

To reserve RV hook ups, please contact Tomahawk MX to purchase your spot at Tomahawkmotocross@gmail.com. Online Reservations will open on June 8th!
Contact Tomahawk MX

Holiday Inn Martinsburg

301 Foxcroft Avenue, Martinsburg, WV 25401
They also offer a discount for people visiting the track
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This ticket is non-refundable. If you need to cancel, a class credit in the full amount of the ticket will be issued without an expiration date.


This ticket is eligible for a full refund if cancelled up to 7 days before the class. For refund requests within 7 days of the class, only 50% of the ticket will be refunded.

Yes, all riders are required to provide their own bike, helmet, goggles, riding boots and any other protective equipment.

All ages and skill levels are welcome! Our only qualification is that riders must be independent on the bikes meaning they can start the bike by themselves and pick it up if they crash.

Parents and family are welcome!

We will provide some meals, but we would recommend families come prepared with all of their meals. More information to come on this soon.

Parents can sign a guardian form if children under 18 won’t have a parent with them all day.

Yes, riders will be responsible for booking their own accommodations.

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