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New Ticket Option Refund Policies:


This ticket is non-refundable. If you need to cancel, a class credit in the full amount of the ticket will be issued without an expiration date.


This ticket is eligible for a full refund if cancelled up to 7 days before the class. For refund requests within 7 days of the class, only 50% of the ticket will be refunded. 


Enjoy peace of mind with our 7-day refund policy for VIP tickets. For refund requests within 7 days of the class, only 50% of the ticket will be refunded.

Note: For Orders placed before March 3rd, 2024 see the policy below.

Cancellation Notice: Riders who wish to cancel their enrollment in a Moto Academy class must provide written notice to the team via email at The notice should clearly state the rider's intention to cancel and include relevant details such as the class date, name, and contact information.

Non-Refundable Period: Cancellations made within 30 days of the scheduled class will be considered non-refundable. The training team will not provide any refunds for cancellations falling within this period.

Rescheduling Option: Instead of a refund, riders who cancel within the non-refundable period may be offered the option to reschedule another class to a future date, subject to availability. The rescheduling request must be made at the time of cancellation, and the rider will be responsible for any applicable rescheduling fees.

Exceptional Circumstances: In case of exceptional circumstances, such as a significant change in the rider's physical or mental capabilities, or unforeseen personal circumstances, a request for class switch may be considered. The rider must provide a valid reason for the switch and seek approval from the team. Approval will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

No age limit, we just ask that younger riders be able to navigate the track and ride without assistance. We ask that they be able to pick their bikes up if they crash and start bikes by themselves.

Yes, all riders are required to provide their own bike, helmet, goggles, riding boots and any other protective equipment.

We will offer a make-up date if that date is a scheduling issue we will offer a full refund in that case.

No, please pack your own lunch and drinks for the day.

Yes, we encourage it!

20 to 25 riders per coach

No, we cater to all riders and riding styles, the fundamentals we teach cater to almost any discipline of riding.

Everything we teach in class will translate to anything two wheels.

Safety is our primary concern, all classes are split into two groups little bikes and big bikes to keep all riders comfortable and safe as possible.

Once you purchase your giftcard, you can copy and paste the gift card code into the Discount Code/Giftcard Box at check out. You will then see your gift card balance applied to your order.