June 12th | Moto 101 | Grantham, UK
June 12th | Moto 101 | Grantham, UK

June 12th | Moto 101 | Grantham, UK

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Join Aj Catanzaro at Moto 101 for a day of unforgettable training! This course will follow a proven curriculum that includes body position, braking, cornering, jumping & more. Designed for every skill level, this Moto Academy course will challenge the experienced rider while making sure the complete beginner does not feel in over their head! This training session will leave you a smarter, safer, and faster rider for every two-wheeled discipline! 

Address: Old, Great N Rd, Grantham NG32 2AB, United Kingdom

Coach For This Class: AJ Catanzaro 

Class Schedule: 
9:30am - Arrival
10:00am - Riders meeting
10:15am - Free practice
10:45am - Five Fundamental Body Positions Demonstration
11:30am - Standing Only Drill
12:00pm - Corner & braking drills
2:00pm - One-hand demonstration & drill
3:00pm - Jumping (beginner-Pro specific jump skills)
4:00pm - Debrief/free ride (At Track's Discretion)